Simply put, your computer or laptop needs regular maintenance to keep it in tip top condition. Just like your car or motorcycle which requires an annual MOT, computers and laptops also benefit from a periodic computer MOT or, a Computer Service as we generally call it

Computer MOT’s are not mandatory like your car MOT, so the phrase ‘Computer MOT’ is quite often bounced around in the computer industry so we also give free advice to you to check if such a service or computer repair is necessary.

Call us or bring it to our business premises in Llanidloes for free advice on computer repairs and laptop repairs.


If you computer is running slow or has annoying pop ups, maybe you have lots of programs that appear to have appeared from nowhere? you may have error messages or it takes a long time to boot up. All of these symptoms (and many more) are signs that a computer repair or computer service is required.


Your PC Cleanup service includes:

  • Initial diagnostics to determine any problems.
  • A full scan and removal of any unwanted threats.
  • An antivirus check and FREE antivirus application*
  • Install of permanent FREE cleanup applications.
  • Any computer updates and a final check.